Introducing the Vaporesso VECO GO Pod Vape

Vaporesso has revived its VECO line with the new VECO GO pod vape, the first addition since 2018. The original VECO was a sub ohm tank featured in the 2016 VECO One kits. Then came the 2018 VECO SOLO/SOLO Plus pens.

The VECO GO takes a different approach than previous tanks – utilizing refillable pods instead of replaceable coils. It’s powered by a robust 1500mAh battery and holds a massive 5mL of e-liquid per pod, available in 0.6 and 0.8-ohm resistances.

While pod vapes have overshadowed vape pens lately, the VECO GO’s large battery and pod capacity aim to attract both formats’ users.

Key VECO GO Features:

Price: $21.99
Colors: Black, Silver, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Sunset, Coraline
1500mAh battery
5mL pod capacity
0.6 and 0.8-ohm pod resistances
With impressive battery life and juice capacity, the VECO GO puts a fresh spin on pod vaping.



  • 23.4 mm wide
  • 112.5 mm tall


  • 1500 mAh capacity
  • Max output of 25 watts


  • DC 5V/2A Type-C
  • Fast 2A max charging current

What’s Included:

  • 1 x VECO GO battery
  • 1 x VECO GO 0.6-ohm 5mL pod
  • 1 x User manual

The Vaporesso VECO GO kit comes complete with the VECO GO battery, one 0.6-ohm 5mL pre-installed pod, and a user manual. The pod is prefilled with e-liquid so the device is ready for use right out of the box. Extra pods can be purchased separately to continue vaping when the included pod is finished.

VECO GO Build and Design

Vaporesso provided the VECO GO in black and yellow gradient color options for review. Both feature a shiny aluminum construction that feels lightweight yet durable.

The kit includes one 5mL pod to keep costs down, though having a second pod pre-installed would’ve been preferred for testing. One pod did malfunction initially after 0.5mL use but resumed working normally the next day.

The dark-tinted pods allow e-liquid visibility while the mouthpiece provides a comfortable vaping experience. Strong magnets securely hold pods in place. Overall, the VECO GO has a very solid, high-quality build.

Vaporesso utilizes their modern LED battery life indicator which gives the device a sleek, contemporary look. Though subtle, these lights help the VECO GO stand out.

Getting started

The VECO GO is an easy-to-use vaping device ideal for beginners. To get started, simply remove the plug from the filling port and fill the pod. Let the coil saturate for about 5 minutes before inserting the pod into the device with a click. Then draw from the mouthpiece to vape. The airflow can be adjusted by rotating the pod, ranging from a tight MTL draw to a very restricted direct lung hit. With its simple operation, the VECO GO allows even total vaping novices to start enjoying this alternative smoother and tastier way to get their nicotine.


The VECO GO comes with only one 0.6 ohm pod in the kit. The flavor production is decent but not as outstanding as expected from VAPORESSO’s COREX coil technology utilized in other devices. The taller pod design likely sacrifices some flavor intensity. Performance is best for MTL vaping, producing warm vapor that pairs nicely with 20 mg nicotine salt ejuice.

That said, the COREX coils live up to their reputation for longevity and consistency. From the very first puff, the flavor is great and remains consistent over time. After multiple refills totaling around 17mL of ejuice – even a lower quality nic salt – the pod is still going strong with likely at least one more refill before needing to be changed. While not the most flavorful COREX vape, the VECO GO delivers solid, reliable performance focused on extended battery life and pod capacity rather than maximizing taste. For many vapers, that tradeoff will be worthwhile.

Battery life and charging

The VECO GO is equipped with a sizable 1500mAh battery, providing exceptionally long lasting power on a single charge. Users can expect to finish most or all of a 5mL pod before needing to recharge. The battery will start to weaken in the last 1mL or so as it depletes.

The LED light band pulses during use to indicate remaining battery life:

Green light – 70-100% charge

Blue light – 20-70% charge

Red light – 0-20% charge

Charging the battery fully takes about 50 minutes thanks to the fast 2A charging capability. For such a high capacity battery, being able to recharge in under an hour is quite impressive. The long battery endurance coupled with fast recharging make the VECO GO a very convenient device to keep powered up for all day vaping.

Pros / Cons


  • Excellent build quality and durability
  • Compact and lightweight design, very portable
  • Extremely simple and intuitive to use, great for beginners
  • 5mL pod capacity lasts a long time before refills needed
  • Adjustable airflow for both MTL and restricted DL
  • Leak-proof pods
  • Great consistent flavor right from the first puff
  • Long-lasting COREX coils
  • Large 1500mAh battery life lasts all day
  • Fast 2A charging fully recharges in only 50 minutes


  • Only one pod included in kit
  • No charging cable included with device


In summary, the VECO GO is a solidly performing vape pen that will appeal most to vapers looking for a classic pen-style form factor with large pod capacity and long battery life. It delivers a smooth, consistent vaping experience in an easy to use package.

The VECO GO doesn’t necessarily stand out with any innovative features compared to the latest pod devices. However, it excels at providing a reliable, long-lasting vape for an affordable price point. For those not concerned with chasing the newest vaping tech trends, the VECO GO hits all the key needs for an enjoyable pod vape.

Considering VAPORESSO’s track record of game-changing innovations like the COSS, the VECO GO plays things relatively safe. It likely won’t become a best seller, since cylindrical vape pens are now a niche category. But for that niche audience wanting a classic pen-style vape that just works, the VECO GO is a solid option worth checking out. Those after a durable, long-lasting pod vape can pick one up at

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