Product intro and specs

VAPORESSO has engineered an innovative new pod system unlike anything else with the COSS. This unique device combines a compact pod vape stick with a power bank that can electronically refill pods on demand. The complete system allows for charging, filling, and vaping all in one integrated unit.

The COSS consists of four main components:

  • COSS Stick – 250mAh pod vape stick with 0.6mL pods
  • COSS Hub – 1500mAh haptic feedback power bank with USB-C charging
  • COSS Capsule – 7.5mL ejuice refill reservoir
  • Two refillable pod types – 1.2ohm mesh pod and cigarette-style pod

While a multi-part system, the COSS maintains simple and intuitive operation ideal for beginners. The pod stick can be used independently or attached to the power bank hub for charging and hands-free automated refilling direct from the ejuice capsule.

This “refill on demand” technology is a true groundbreaking innovation in the vaping space. Of course, such an engineering feat must still deliver on performance and value at its $100 price point. Read on to see how the COSS fares on both fronts.

The COSS comes in 5 color options: black, sierra blue, midnight green, viva red, and space gray.


  • Dimensions: 24.5mm x 51mm x 110mm
  • Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
  • Ejuice Capsule Capacity: 7.5mL
  • Charging: USB Type-C, 2A fast charging
  • Output Voltage: 5V


  • Dimensions: 17mm x 9mm x 93.5mm
  • Pod Capacity: 0.6mL
  • Resistance: 1.2 ohm
  • Battery Capacity: 250mAh
  • Voltage Range: 3.3V – 4.3V
  • Power Output: 9W

Key features of the COSS system:

  • Large 1500mAh power bank for charging on the go
  • 7.5mL ejuice capacity reduces frequency of refills
  • Innovative auto refill technology
  • Compact and portable stick device
  • Simple plug and play operation
  • Made for both MTL and restricted DTL vaping

With smart engineering across both main components, the COSS delivers extended battery life and ejuice capacity while pioneering a new level of vaping convenience and innovation.

COSS Kit Contents:

  • 1 x COSS Stick device
  • 1 x COSS Hub power bank
  • 1 x 1.2ohm MESH coil pod (pre-installed)
  • 1 x 1.2ohm cotton-filter pod
  • 1 x Box of cotton cigarette-style filters (6 pcs)
  • 1 x USB charging cable
  • 1 x Quick start guide
  • 1 x User manual/warranty info card

The VAPORESSO COSS comes neatly packaged with everything needed to start vaping. The kit includes both the innovative COSS Stick pod device and COSS Hub power bank. Two different pod styles are provided – a mesh coil pod for optimal flavor and a cigarette-filter pod for a more familiar draw. Additional cotton filters allow the cigarette pod to be reused. The USB cable offers fast 2A charging. Between the comprehensive manual and quick start card, new vapers will have all the information required to quickly get up and running with the COSS.

Build quality and design

VAPORESSO has engineered an exceptionally well-designed vaping system in the COSS that makes the vaping experience easier and more enjoyable. As expected from VAPORESSO, the COSS demonstrates their technical innovation capabilities when it comes to addressing common vaping pain points like charging and refilling.

At first glance, the COSS looks more like a high-end tech gadget than a typical vape mod. The compact COSS Stick (17mm x 9mm x 93.5mm) functions as a standalone pod device but fits seamlessly into the larger COSS Hub power bank module for charging and hands-free refilling.

The Stick and Hub feature matching brushed aluminum finishes with a premium metallic look. The Hub has a subtle rubberized coating that offsets the weight while improving grip. Altogether the system weighs 193.5g, comparable to a single traditional mod setup.

Both the 7.5mL ejuice Capsule and 0.6mL pod use transparent housings, making it easy to visually confirm ejuice levels. A simple LED battery meter provides clear feedback on remaining charge. The magnets and track system securely attach the Stick into the Hub with a satisfying click. There is a slight rattle when connected, the only minor construction critique.

the thoughtful design and material choices result in a vaping system that looks and feels like a futuristic tech device, while improving practical functionality. Next, we’ll cover the truly unique and game changing way that the COSS simplifies the vaping experience.

Getting started

COSS stands for “Convenient Operating, Smart Supplying” which perfectly encapsulates how this system simplifies and improves the vaping experience.

The COSS shares some cosmetic similarities with the IQOS heat-not-burn device, but operates purely as an ejuice vape. The kit includes two 1.2ohm mesh pod options – one standard mouthpiece and one designed for cigarette-style cotton filters.

Unlike traditional pods, the COSS pods are NOT manually filled. Instead, here are the simple steps to get started:

  1. Insert desired pod into COSS Stick.
  2. Fill COSS Capsule with ejuice.
  3. Attach Capsule to COSS Hub.
  4. Insert Stick into Hub until it vibrates.
  5. Press “refill” button (droplet icon).
  6. Listen for faint filling sounds resembling an inkjet printer.
  7. Filling icon pulses during process.
  8. Repeat for subsequent refills to fill pod completely.
  9. Let pod sit 5 minutes after first fill to saturate coil.

It’s important NOT to overfill past the max line on pods to prevent leaks. The auto refill process takes about 60 seconds. Pods hold 0.6mL max. The 250mAh Stick battery life is relatively short. For convenience, keep the Stick attached to the Hub when not vaping.

While it may seem involved at first, the filling process becomes very quick and easy with practice. The COSS eliminates the mess and hassle of manually refilling small pods. Just press a button and let the smart system handle the rest!


The COSS delivers a smooth, consistent mouth-to-lung vaping experience. The pods produce a satisfying throat hit and warmth when used with higher nicotine ejuices. However, the flavor and pod life are just average and a bit underwhelming considering the sophisticated engineering of the system.

Pods typically last around 10mL of juice before flavor diminishes, which is decent but not outstanding. The 1.2ohm mesh coils generate a nice tight draw but lack standout flavor production.

On the plus side, the automated refilling function works reliably, if not rapidly. Pressing the refill button to transfer juice from the Capsule to the pod takes about 60 seconds. While not the fastest system, the hands-free convenience is a major innovation.

Overall, the COSS hits the key performance marks but leaves room for improvement. The pod flavor and longevity don’t fully realize the potential of this advanced platform. An overfill sensor would be a welcome addition to prevent messes and ruined pods.

Battery life and charging

The large 1500mAh battery capacity of the COSS Hub provides excellent all-day battery life. Meanwhile, the small 250mAh Stick battery depletes quickly as expected. The pass-through charging design allows the Stick to be used while docked in the Hub, making its limited standalone battery life a non-issue.

The Hub battery lasts through extensive vaping before needing a recharge. And even fully depleted, the Hub can continue powering the Stick when plugged into USB-C charging. This dual pass-through charging gives unmatched flexibility and convenience.

Expect a full recharge of the Hub from empty in around 60 minutes. The LED battery meter clearly indicates charge status.

It’s important to keep the device upright when attached to charging to prevent ejuice spills. Also avoid refilling while charging since it’s harder to monitor juice levels.

The large Hub battery plus pass-through charging eliminates battery life worries. The COSS gives the freedom to vape liberally without concern for battery depletion. Just remember to remain upright when refilling and charging to maximize the leak-free experience.

The COSS delivers on ease of use and convenience, but the vape experience itself remains average. For all its envelope pushing design, VAPORESSO still has some work to do to make the COSS as satisfying to vape as it is to refill. The auto refill tech is amazing, but the pods should match that level of innovation.

Pros / Cons


  • Excellent build quality and materials
  • Revolutionary auto-refill technology
  • Refill pods from internal 7.5mL reservoir
  • Large 1500mAh battery in Hub
  • Includes two pod style options
  • Satisfying tight MTL draw
  • Full pass-through charging capability
  • Unique and fun vaping experience


  • Possibility of overfilling and leaks
  • Pod flavor and life only average
  • Fairly heavy system

The COSS delivers an unprecedented level of innovation in allowing easy, mess-free refilling and charging. The large battery and juice capacity reduce frequency of refills dramatically. The two pod options and adjustable airflow cater to different vaping styles. It provides a truly novel vaping experience.

However, there are some drawbacks. The pods don’t produce outstanding flavor or longevity compared to other systems. There is also a learning curve to prevent overfilling. The weight may also be an issue for some users.

The COSS brings legitimate innovation that eliminates pain points for vapers. The pros outweigh the cons, making this a system worth considering for its convenience factor alone.


In closing, the VAPORESSO COSS delivers unprecedented innovation in pod system design and convenience. The automated refilling and integrated charging capabilities solve major pain points for vapers. Showcasing the COSS to fellow vapers is always met with awe at the futuristic tech on display.

VAPORESSO deserves immense credit for achieving something so ambitious and pushing boundaries with the COSS platform. However, the vape performance itself leaves something to be desired. The flavor and longevity of the pods fail to match the sophistication of the system.

I wholeheartedly recommend the COSS for its sheer innovation and conversation-starting design. But the $100 price point may be hard to justify if prioritizing vape quality over novel tech. More satisfying flavor and coil life can be found in much cheaper traditional pod systems.

Hopefully VAPORESSO continues refining COSS pods to unlock the full potential of this game-changing platform. For now, it stands as a technological triumph, if not a vaping one. Those seeking a glimpse into the future of vaping convenience need look no further than the COSS. Pick one up at eightvape to experience the innovation firsthand.

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