Fume Vapes Review: Best Flavors, Prices

What are Fume vapes?

Fume is a leading brand of pre-filled disposable vapes made by QR Joy based in Florida. Known for their sleek, minimalist design and exceptional build quality, Fume vapes offer convenient nicotine delivery in a beginner-friendly format.

These ultra-portable devices come pre-loaded with 5% nicotine salt e-liquid, providing satisfying throat hit and quick nicotine absorption. The hassle-free experience makes Fume disposables a popular choice for vapers on the go.

Once the pre-filled pod is empty, simply dispose of the vape responsibly and replace it with a fresh one. With no refilling or maintenance required, Fume provides a straightforward vaping experience that’s ready to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Fume’s wide variety of flavors and colors appeal to different tastes and styles. Vapers looking for well-constructed, fuss-free disposables can find an assortment of Fume vapes available now at ejuiceconnects.

How long does a Fume vape last?

Fume Mini (1000 puffs):

  • 20 days at 50 puffs per day
  • 10 days at 100 puffs per day
  • 4 days at 250 puffs per day

Fume Extra (1500 puffs):

  • 30 days at 50 puffs per day
  • 15 days at 100 puffs per day
  • 6 days at 250 puffs per day

Fume Ultra (2500 puffs):

  • 50 days at 50 puffs per day
  • 25 days at 100 puffs per day
  • 10 days at 250 puffs per day

Fume Infinity (3500 puffs):

  • 70 days at 50 puffs per day
  • 35 days at 100 puffs per day
  • 14 days at 250 puffs per day

Fume Unlimited (7000 puffs):

  • 140 days at 50 puffs per day
  • 70 days at 100 puffs per day
  • 28 days at 250 puffs per day

Fume vapes typically last from several days for heavy users to over 2 months for light users, depending on the specific model and individual puff count.

Fume disposable vape models – what are the differences?

Fume Mini (box style, 1000 puffs, 3mL juice, 400mAh non-rechargeable battery)

Fume Extra (pen style, 1500 puffs, 6mL juice, 850mAh non-rechargeable battery)

Fume Ultra (pen style, 2500 puffs, 8mL juice, 1000mAh non-rechargeable battery)

Fume Infinity (box style, 3500 puffs, 12mL juice, 1500mAh non-rechargeable battery)

Fume Unlimited (box style, 7000 puffs, 14mL juice, 400mAh rechargeable battery with USB-C)

In summary:

  • Battery capacity ranges from 400mAh to 1500mAh
  • Puff count varies from 1000 to 7000
  • E-liquid volume ranges from 3mL to 14mL
  • Most models have non-rechargeable batteries except Fume Unlimited
  • Design style is either pen or box shape
  • All contain 5% nicotine salt e-liquid

So the key factors are battery life, juice capacity, puff longevity, and rechargeability. This gives users options to choose the right Fume vape based on their needs and preferences.

What are the best Fume vape flavors?

  • Lush Ice – A refreshing watermelon menthol flavor. Fume’s take on a classic vape profile.
  • Blue Razz – A bold, tart blue raspberry candy flavor. Provides a sweet and sour punch.
  • Pina Colada – A summery blend of pineapple and coconut for a creamy tropical experience.
  • Cuban Tobacco – A smooth, rich tobacco profile made for smokers looking for a familiar flavor.
  • Grape Ice – An icy grape flavor with a pleasant sour twist. Menthol provides added coolness.
  • Tropical Fruit – A fruity medley with hints of menthol for a refreshing and complex fruit vape.
  • Strawberry Banana – Sweet strawberries coupled with creamy banana makes a delicious fruited blend.

With over 20 options available, Fume has a wide selection of flavors ranging from fruity menthol to rich tobaccos. No matter your taste preference, you’re sure to find a flavor that satisfies when exploring Fume’s expansive lineup.

How much does a Fume vape cost?

  • Fume Mini – $5.99
  • Fume Extra – $11.99
  • Fume Ultra – $15.99
  • Fume Infinity – $18.99
  • Fume Unlimited – $20.99

In summary:

  • Fume Mini is the most affordable at around $6
  • Fume Extra and Ultra fall in the $12-$16 range
  • Fume Infinity lands at around $19
  • The high-capacity Fume Unlimited costs approximately $21

Prices at local vape shops may be higher than online since they don’t have shipping fees. Taxes will also add to the final checkout price.

Fume vapes provide an inexpensive introduction to vaping, with most models costing less than $20. The variety of options at different price points allows vapers to choose one that fits their budget

How to recharge a Fume vape

  • The Fume Unlimited is the only rechargeable model in the Fume lineup. Other Fume vapes have non-rechargeable batteries.
  • Locate the USB-C charging port on the side near the base of the Fume Unlimited device.
  • Plug in a compatible USB-C phone charger or computer port using a USB-C cable.
  • The small 400mAh battery capacity means charging will be needed frequently.
  • Allow the Fume Unlimited to fully recharge each time to keep it performing optimally.
  • Repeat the recharging process as needed until the pre-filled e-liquid pod is fully depleted.
  • When the vapor production drops off, the e-liquid is empty and the device should be disposed of properly.

The straightforward charging method makes keeping the Fume Unlimited powered up simple. Just remember it has limited battery life compared to vapes with larger built-in batteries, so more frequent recharging is to be expected.

Why is my Fume vape blinking?

  • Fume vapes have a light on the bottom that illuminates when vaping.
  • This indicator light will begin blinking when the pre-filled e-liquid runs out or the battery dies.
  • A blinking light means the Fume vape is empty and can no longer produce vapor.
  • None of the Fume models are designed to be refilled with vape juice.
  • Only the Fume Unlimited has a rechargeable battery that can be charged via USB-C.
  • For non-rechargeable models, a blinking light signals the Fume vape should be disposed of properly.
  • For the Unlimited, try recharging first, but a blinking light ultimately indicates the e-liquid is depleted and it’s time to replace the vape.

A blinking light on any Fume vape is a sure sign it’s reached the end of its lifespan and should be discarded responsibly. Try charging first if it’s the Unlimited, but otherwise prepare to replace your empty Fume with a fresh one.

Where can I buy a Fume vape?

  • Fume vapes are sold by many online retailers, vape shops, and stores.
  • Check the Fume website and enter the authenticity code found on the packaging to verify it’s a genuine product.
  • Buying directly from the Fume website or authorized retailers ensures you get an authentic device, not a counterfeit.
  • Reputable online stores like Ejuice Connect and popular vape shops are safe places to shop for real Fume vapes.
  • Avoid unfamiliar online sellers or listings with prices that seem too good to be true, as they may be fake Fume products.
  • The holographic authenticity sticker and unique code confirm you’re buying the real thing from Fume.

By carefully checking the authenticity and ordering from trusted sellers like Ejuice Connect and verified vape shops, you can feel confident you’ll receive a legitimate Fume vape and not a knock-off copy. This ensures the best performance and safety.

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